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Sarah McPherson

Sarah discovered Co-Active Coaching through a coach who pushed her to become her true self in life, and it sparked her inner passion to create true meaning in life.  Coaching allows her to be her authentic self and she loves that she is able to coach others and ignite the fire within. The foundation of her coaching is supporting people to have the courage, drive, and passion to live the life they dream to live.

Sarah has been an age group triathlete for 7 years all while going through ups and downs with Ulcerative Colits which meant less energy,  trips to the doctor, ensuring there was always a washroom close by during training, and finding the balance in the right medication to put her in remission.  

 Sarah loves the journey of being a triathlete and the stories she hears from other athletes she meets along the way, and what their purpose is in this incredible sport.  She is currently a Certified NCCP Triathlon Coach and a Certified NCCP Swim Coach, and Coaches with Team TriLife with 2 other amazing Triathlon coaches who are a great source of mentorship and inspiration.

Sarah has found her purpose in life by becoming Coach.  She is fiercely compassionate coach who takes a stand for her clients to find their true self, and will also remind you to discover or follow existing dreams, and put them into action all while following their heart to their true self. 

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